Web & Mobile Application Development

Stunning websites, apps, back end systems, platform integrations or just that funky new tool you need to disconfubulate the flux capacitor.

  • Plan

  • Design

  • Build

  • Launch

  • Iterate

If we weren’t us… we’d totally hire us

If we had a hankering for some top notch dev resource we’d be on the phone to SOTEQ faster than Rob Harlow can say I wish “I hadn’t sold all my Bitcoin at $500”.

We have amazingly talented developers, sitting in our office right now, ready to support you on a full time basis.



It all starts with a beautiful website. Your digital storefront, built to express and dressed to impress.  Showcasing your business perfectly on all devices.

It doesn’t end there though, add analytics, user tracking, live chat, SEO, integrated social and your supercharged website becomes a lead machine.

We build and deploy lead generative websites.  We project manage the planning, design, setup, testing and deployment.  Including production and sourcing of imaging, video and text content as needed. 



Our business was borne from an obsession with technology and it’s applications.  

Our unique approach to creating full stack, production ready products is something we like to call ‘opinionated development’. We don’t just work from a set of requirements, we take pains to understand the big picture objectives then offer robust solutions you don’t even know are possible.

From system architecture that scales to integrated help desks, we have an opinion on it all.  And it’s one we can back up with experience and data.



Google now sees more searches on mobiles than desktops.  Across our own sites we see over 60% of traffic coming from mobile phones.  It has never been more important to get your mobile presence just right.

Need an app?  What type of App, what platforms does it need to run on?  Which exact parts of your functionality belong in the app and which don’t?  Is it a functional App, a sales channel or a branding exercise?

We’ll help spec the project then our experts will design, build and deploy your MVP in record time.

It’s all about shipping…

…too many software projects come to rest in the graveyard of perfectionism, with the creators never quite deeming them polished enough to release to an unsuspecting public.  The team at SOTEQ fully subscribe to the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  In short, we will work with you to design, build and deploy only the core functionality needed. Once live, new features can be added, driven by real user feedback.  

What better way to build a base of enthusiastic user evangelists than by giving them exactly what they want?

Rob Harlow, Co Founder, SOTEQ 

Full Stack Digital Ninjas

One SOTEQ Marketing Ninja is worth five standard marketeers. Our supported skill set includes a multiplicity of digital wizardry.

  • Understand

  • Strategise

  • Execute

  • Report

  • Improve

Our trained experts are black belts in multi-channel digital marketing.

Confident marketeers.  Ready to be deployed to support your business on a dedicated basis.

One Ninja is usually enough to transform your business.

Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation

Level 1 and 2 SEO.  Plugins, site structure, page formats, meta tags and content basics. 

Keyword analysis and page seeding.



Set up Google Analytics on your site.

Analyse traffic sources, exit points, setup goals and reporting.



Plan and produce great content.

Blog articles, product/service pages, case studies and landing pages.

Social Media

Social Media

Execute your lead generative social strategy.

Social posting and audience engagement, driving traffic and leads to your website.

CRM Support

CRM Support

Upload prospects and maintain CRM database.

Issue pipeline reports and reminders.



Prospect identification and list build.

Engage via email and social.  Upload to CRM.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid Search (PPC)

PPC setup and management.

Present your website to the right people at just the right time.  



Customer tracking and re-targeting campaigns.

Google ad network and social display campaigns.

Tech Savvy Ops Support

Every growing business has a diverse and evolving ops model.  Hours are in short supply, just imagine having a spare smart person to take the pressure off.

  • Set up Workflow

  • Work Hard

  • Complete Work

Access the best ops support imaginable

We go out of our way to find world class support staff.

Several interviews, tests and uncompromising recruitment standards mean we really do have the most naturally capable individuals on the planet, on hand to support your business.

Perfectly Managed Workflow

Perfectly Managed Workflow

We’ll set up a simple workflow management portal.  Something like Trello, Asana, Dapulse or whatever it is you currently use.  This is really just a shared to-do list.  We’ll also setup shared folders and any other required systems.

We recommend you provide a company email account and access to any internal portals/tools.

Just keep the to-do list topped up and we’ll keep plugging away.