“The next 10 years will see radical disruption across all enterprise dominated vertical markets, in all high-cost locations.
Market share will flow swiftly and surely to the rising wave of super-competitive, agile start-ups able to leverage lean business models, technology and responsiveness to deliver better products and services, at lower prices, under globally distributed staffing models.”

Ryan Welmans, Co-Founder, G33K Holdings

The very best talent at the very best rates.  Ready to  plug neatly into your business.

Be more competitive

Dedicated experts in three tasty flavours

  • Rockstar Developers

  • Digital Ninjas (Marketing)

  • Operational Champions

You manage the work flow, we do the rest.

Supporting your growth

Think of us as a swat team of highly trained workaholics, assigned to support you on a dedicated basis from our chilled out Skopje office.  We provide the professional environment, great facilities, utilities, seriously high spec equipment, software licenses and senior management, ensuring your dedicated superheros are well managed and well supported.  

We handle all the employment formalities, contracts, salaries, tax and hassle factor, all you see is a teeny, tiny, neat little invoice once a month. If we even remember to send it.

Hero Developers

Hero Developers

Skilled developer resource. Coders of fortune. Junior, mid-level or senior developers working in a variety languages and frameworks.

  • PHP / .Net / Javascript
  • WordPress and Web Designers
  • Dev-Ops, Full Stack
  • MVC
  • Project management strategy and technical leadership
Digital Marketing Ninjas

Digital Marketing Ninjas

One SOTEQ Marketing Ninja is worth five standard marketeers. Our supported skill set includes.

  • Web Analytics & SEO
  • Social media management
  • Content strategy & blog
  • CRM admin and pipeline reporting
  • Sales support / proposal docs
  • PPC (Search, re-targeting & display)
Tech Savvy Ops Support

Tech Savvy Ops Support

Sometimes you just need an enthusiastic wizzkid. Our super technical admin and ops support staff are the perfect addition to your team. Your Ops Support person will never ask the same question twice.  Skills include:

  • Excel/Word/Powerpoint work
  • CRM & business reporting
  • Drafting proposals and sales support
  • General admin

Who Are We

SOTEQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of G33K, a trading brand of G33K Holdings Limited

Headquartered in London, G33K Holdings owns and operates a group of strategically complimentary digital service
providers, providing services and technology to hundreds of clients, globally.

Each businesses has been carefully selected, nurtured, planned and developed to excel at what they do, maintaining a
narrow focus to ensure excellence.

Our brands

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